• YEF Auction
      Project was designed to provide bidding platform for internal use where profits are donated to charity. Users are able to filter out results to find product they are looking for.
    • Email Frequency
      I have proposed this project during one of quarterly Hackdays. The idea behind it was to show users frequency of communication user has with each of their contacts. Based on that information, users can find email exchanges that could be important. I have also developed a mobile version of this feature which has been implemented in current version of Yahoo Mail.
    • Flo - The Financial Planner
      Product was designed with intention to help users plan their financial expenses for the future and adjust spending and money allocation. In case projected balance falls below desired amount, user would be able to reduce their spending or move their funds from another account.
    • CentVote Project
      In effort to gather original content, CentVote was designed to reward content creators with donations from users who enjoy it.
    • Yahoo Badger
      Social experiment enabling users to set up challenges for their friends to inspire them to improve their daily habits. Participants were rewarded for completing challenges by custom badges on various social media.
    • ForeCast - Social Prediction Platform
      Designed to increase user engagement in current trends and events, this platform provided social game space where users can post predictions on outcome of ongoing and unresolved situations.
    • Samaritan
      Idea for this project came from Hack Day when one of the themes was to come up with a product that would help community. I have decided to design a product that would connect people in need with those who are willing to help. I have designed the interface and developed prototype in Objective-C.
    • Proposed concept, designed artwork and mechanics for this game. Goal was to contol hero by placing trampolines that would allow progress up the level while avoiding enemies and collecting powerups. If player was knocked back down to the bottom of the level or time would run out, game would end.